The institutional strength of Woodside Capital Partners is reflective of our individual skills and knowledge. We draw from our experience as operating executives, investors and strategic advisors to provide our clients with technology sector expertise, market wisdom and an extensive global network.

rudyburger-wcpRudy Burger

Managing Partner & Managing Director

gregmischou-wcpGreg Mischou

Senior Partner & Managing Director

kellyporter-wcpKelly Porter

Partner, Managing Director of Software and Internet Services

mikepowell-wcpMike Powell

Partner & Managing Director

triciasalinero-wcpTricia Salinero

Partner, Managing Director of Software and Internet Services

darrellkong-wcpDarrell Kong

Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer

samskinner-wcpSamuel D. Skinner

COO & Managing Director

edbierdeman-wcpEd Bierdeman

Software Analyst & Managing Director

kirkbloede-wcpKirk Bloede

Managing Director

ronheller-wcpRon Heller

Managing Director

matthewhoffman-wcpMatthew Hoffman

IoT Analyst & Managing Director

ryankoontz-wcpRyan Koontz

Communications Infrastructure Analyst & Managing Director

perselbekk-wcpPer Selbekk

Managing Director

amarsenan-wcpAmar Senan

Managing Director

Shusaku Sumida

Managing Director

jonthomas-wcpJon Thomas

Managing Director

stevenwade-wcpSteven Wade

Managing Director

monicamariani-wcpMonica Mariani

Vice President

coralsoutar-wcpCoral Soutar

Office Manager

varunverma-wcpVarun Verma

Vice President

adamtilow-wcpAdam Tilow


alexanderjohnson-wcpAlexander Johnson